About Knowlton Corner Farm

Fire and Recovery

As we were putting some new programs into place and finishing up our new web design here at the farm in December 2011, we lost our barn, riding arena, new commercial kitchen, and much loved animals in a fire. It was obviously a huge and tragic loss and most of our business was lost with it. Moving forward would have been impossible without our community. We now have finished and are working out of our new licensed commercial kitchen. And while we have not yet replaced our barns or indoor riding arena, we still have use of our beautiful 100 x 200 outdoor riding arena. We still provide horse boarding services, although on a limited basis.

Arleen Masselli
Owner, Arleen Masselli, purchased the farm in 1977. At that time, it was a non-operational “gentleman’s farm”. Because of her love for animals, Knowlton Corner Farm Equestrian Center, LLC was established. The Equestrian Center’s primary purpose was the boarding of horses as well as providing lessons for both able-bodied as well as individuals with disabilities. Because of her love for gardening, the “Gardens” were eventually established, including a greenhouse. Vegetables were raised for sale to the public. Eventually the gardens were expanded to include food harvested for the local Food Pantries. Individuals with disabilities were also able to enjoy this most therapeutic of environments by assisting in the garden project. After the devastating fire in 2011, Arleen re-built the Farm Bakery and now supplies delicious pastries to stores located throughout Maine. And while the Equestrian Center is still operational, Arleen has changed it’s focus to more of a therapeutic forum, providing equine facilitated psychotherapy and learning along with traditional riding lessons. Arleen’s passion is working with clients with disabilities, both psychological as well as physical. She is an active member of the West Farmington Grange, the Ladies Homemakers Extension as well as the fundraising group Neighbors Helping Neighbors of Franklin County. She is devoted to providing benefits back to the community, as it was the community who helped pull her up following the tragic 2011 fire.

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